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So we did a video for our new song “Ungrateful” its release on itunes from the 4th of October. What do you think, pretty snazzy yeah????

It was filmed on location in Sunderland in an old shipyard that now makes Cranes and is ran by a very nice German man called Ralph, who let us use the site for free. So thanks Ralph !!!

Also thanks to the crew that made it happen, and love to Danny and Tim who told us what to do and tried to make us look good, I know you’ve tried your best but you cant polish turds !!

Were off on tour with the very sexy Summer Camp this week, taking in cities like York, Notts, Brighton and that London. Where also doing a show in Newcastle at the Cluny which will be ace I’m sure.

Expect photos and tour Video blog soon, but for now, enjoy “Ungrateful” and don’t forgot to buy it so we can all afford to go large next time where at a service station Burger King !!

Frankie xxx