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First gig of the year was EUROSONIC

Hi gang !!

We had a great time, Eurosonic is a city festival that takes place in Gronegan thats in the Netherlands if you didnt know. We stayed in a kick ass hotel that had not just a rainfall shower but a massage bath in our rooms !!!

I was suffering from a bad stomach the whole time we were there but that didnt detracted away from the fun we had and the gig we did there.

Its was great to make new friends and play in front of people who had never heard of us before.

we also had time to perform live on Dutch Radio, heres the proof

We had a great time and we cant wait for the UK tour coming soon, Also keep an eye out for new single HUNGER as the video will be going KABOOOOOOOOOOOM all over your screens very soon

See ya soon

Frankie xx

ITS 2011 OMG etc

Hey guys so its 2011 the year of the rabbit, i find that quite appropriate as rabbits feature in our new video coming your way real soon, it also features a real celebrity, he’s called Robert Popper and is probably the funniest man we’ve ever met. So keep an eye out for that when its released very soon.

Fingers crossed this is going to be a memorable year for us, and we want YOU to be there with us for the whole ride so please keep emailing us at or tweet us at we love your contact so keep it coming, were in this together!!

Ok Im going to try and jog some mince pies off,

speak soon

Frankie x

P.s I got “The Chameleons-Strange Times” for xmas and I love it and urge you to seek it out if you dont know it