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What have we been up to????!!!

Hey gang,

how are you lot then, hope your well, I have not done a blog in a while so I thought I’d just bring you up to speed with what we have been up to since the record came out.

Well we were caught in a rather unfortunate loop hope which meant we were one of the bands that did not make SXSW this year :( so we spent the time we were supposed to be there making new tunes up in our native North East


after we did this we then went out in Europe for our first Headline tour, we took in some beautiful city,s along the way and we had a blast as ever, Paris was great, Amsterdam as ever and we visited Ghent for the first time. Germany was super nuts and we had fun in both Berlin and maybe saw a bit to much of Hamburg


are plan now is to continue working on as much new material as we can while we have a chance, and we are really excited about the stuff we are coming up with.

If you did not know that video on the website splash page is for our new single “That Postcard” that will be out on May 9th, so don’t forget to buy it you cheapskates.

For record store day this Saturday we are in Italy doing shows so we could not be as involved as we would like to have been, but we have compiled a new fanzine and will be sending them to the independent record stores you love for that day.

many many much more exciting things coming very soon but i’ve gotta keep shhhhh about it for now at least, so until the gag is removed, see ya laterzzzz

Frankie x