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Fragile- the Vido!!

Frankie and the Heartstrings - Fragile from Carol Lynn on Vimeo. our friend Carol Lynn dun made a videmeo for Fragile. and here it is. Pxx


Hello Webland!! I know- we haven’t even done the Flo shows yet (DON’T FORGET), and we’ve got to get over the Turkey trots and regretful intercourse (of all kinds) that Xmas/NY will bring. but we thought we’d give you a heads up. BBC Radio’s own Huw Stephens, in an act that is equal parts far [...]

NME gan for the Heartstrings in a big way

EXTREE! EXTREE! NEW HEARTSTRINGS SONG (and so much more good stuff) AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT NME.COM NOW!!! Come see the nice stuff they have written! Laugh at our penmanship! wonder what will happen next! it’s ALLL GOOD, people… F&THS xxx000xxx000

7″, 10″, touring, cheesy chips and a Solero

FRANKIE & THE HEARTSTRINGS ANNOUNCE DEBUT 7” SINGLE RELEASE ON ROUGH TRADE FOR 7th DECEMBER LIVE SIX-TRACK LTD EDITION 10” VINYL RELEASE ON POP SEX LTD Frankie & The Heartstrings are a brand new old-fashioned pop band from Sunderland. Coming fully formed out of the north-east, the five-piece played their first gig last Christmas and [...]

F&THS/The Drums this Tuesday

Hey pop pickers! put down whatever pop you’re currently pickin’ and grab a handfull of Heartstring! Don’t forget, we’re coming to YOUR TOWN (if your town is London) this Tuesday (the 27th), playing with everyone’s favourite Floridian Surf Overcoats THE DRUMS. I think it’s pretty much sold out now, but you can always hang around [...]

The Names- “Nightshift”

Yes, yes, I know, we’re all waiting for the next BIG Heartstrings announcement. well, it’s coming. big news is promised. Until then (and since this is a blog for stuff we like), check this out. The Names- a Belgian band on Factory BiTD, wih an utterly brilliant, Martin Hannett produced song. dreamy and disturbing. The Names- [...]