F&THS/The Drums this Tuesday

Hey pop pickers! put down whatever pop you’re currently pickin’ and grab a handfull of Heartstring!

Don’t forget, we’re coming to YOUR TOWN (if your town is London) this Tuesday (the 27th), playing with everyone’s favourite Floridian Surf Overcoats THE DRUMS. I think it’s pretty much sold out now, but you can always hang around outside and scream at us as we enter and leave the building. it’s what the Beatles would have wanted!!

then we’re recording a session for everyone’s favourite hirsute welshman (after Gruff Rhys and Mark Bowen) Huw Stevens. it’s getting broadcast later in the year, but no doubt expect lots of conflicting Tweets on wednesday from me and Frankie about how good the Maida Vale Canteen is, if we’re in the ‘Bing Crosby’ studio, a picture of the door with ‘BBC Radiophonic Workshop’ written on, when Dennis has his first pint (I’m in the pool for 11AM), when Michael gets bored and wanders off (I’m in the pool for 11;30AM).
so, lots of news. oh yeah- and EP, tshirts, PopSexLtd etc. plee buy.

thanks for your patience. here’s a link to everyone’s favourite nerd. AMERICAN SPLENDOUR!!!!


till next time, stay strong as steel and good as gold,