Saturday night Sudays boring

I’m not totally convinced we have done ourselves any favours yesterday if I am perfectly honest. We spend a lot of time explaining to commoners that we are not the twee, doily chewing crotched damp fops as we have been portrayed. I imagine the best way to combat that is for three fifths of team String to be sat in Heaton Perk drinking Chai Lattes and splitting cup cakes. I almost did some sick in my mouth when I thought about it. The café itself has recently won awards as it appears to be the first slurpery to have been successfully transplanted from Shoreditch to the North East without turning to coal and beef dripping whilst in transit from dahn sarth. The staff are paid to pay you no mind and fling you large chipped vats of surly soup. Like I said, we don’t do ourselves any favours. The place has been made up of a menagerie of I Love Lucy sets and the trendy parts of IKEA, juxtapose that with around 2 laptops per person and enough knitwear to keep Noel Edmonds in vogue for 8 score years and 2 and you have a techno textile nightmare.
But its Sunday morning now and I am happy. I’m happy I have Tom Waits to keep me company and a flutter in my heart as we meet later to make ore music. Maybe it’s the Mark E Smith principle if keeping the hired staff on their toes. Keeping them mentally taught in order to optimize performance. Maybe it’s just a nervous disposition. Whatever it is its stimulating, because you never no what will happen when we all meet. Sometimes it is the best time, the only thing you need, a fix of what is right and justified. Other times we just stand and argue, probably because someone burned toast or loved ones were not as loving as they expected. Both have their function, and both are necessary.
This week has been up and down like a bride’s nighty. We get played on the wireless a lot, it’s beautiful but I worry I may be becoming too accustomed to it. I want it to be the first time every time but that’s wishful thinking. We also learned that people are as we expected. Until we have permission to open everyone’s chest cavity and check for swinging bricks then im afraid there is no way of establishing smiling tigers from your friends. Choose your own adventure books were great when you were a kid, but creating your own as an adult results in loss of privileges. But we’ll make it, we always do.

I am sitting in my living room, I have a diet coke to my left, and I have a pepper grinder and some suit swatches to my right. Martha by Tom Waits is playing.